Top Hairstyles of 2013

There are a number of hairstyles that have hit the industry by storm. True, some may be more appealing than others, but if you want to look fashionable this year you could go with one of the hairstyles listed below. Of course, you can always be an innovator and try creating your own, but we recommend one of the following. The Bob – This hair style began developing in the fashion world. It is typically chin length and fringed, but can also be shoulder length. Long Hair – Ultra long hair is coming back in 2013. This typically cut in two ways; blunt or layered. The current trend is hair length that typically reaches or covers the breasts creating a sort of mythological, ancient goddess type look. Textured Side Part – This style is popular with Calvin Klein and is typically seen with long hair. This style is textured yet it is not grungy or messy. Bed Head Hair – This style looks like you just got out of bed and maybe you did. It is typically seen with long or medium length hair. Bangs – Bangs are making a huge come back and are seen with any length hair. Wet Looking Hair – This became popular on the runways in 2012 and has continued to be popular into 2013. Low Ponytails – This is where your ponytail sits low around neck level. It can be used with a neat and tidy hairstyle or loose and messy, the choice is yours. 60’s Hairstyles – These hairstyles are typically big, feminine and sexy. They are becoming more popular, but may take a bit of backcombing and hairspray. Any of these hairstyles will give you the new look you have wanted for 2013. With their increasing popularity and fashionable look, you will be very popular with all of your friends. These hairstyles are all available at our West Palm Beach salon and surrounding areas. If you are interested in getting one of these hairstyle, we invite you to join us at Pizzazz Hair Design today.