Late Summer Style in West Palm Beach

Tips and Tricks For Late Summer   The days are still long, but its becoming that only lingering sunset. After Forth of July, South Florida begins its very slow descent into the fall season. And while August is closing in and September just around the corner, we still have to deal with hot summer heat with contradicting fall fashions. What fashion moguls in Paris and Milan don’t know, is that this southern state needs practical fashions and hairstyles. So we present a few small tips for West Palm Beach hair design to help you look good well into Autumn.   Keep It Short Pixie cuts have made a comeback in recent years, and this bodes very well if you have sharp facial features, since a layered short haircut can really soften lines. The right short haircut can take years off you that your long hair was just dragging out. A bonus here is that short hair can keep cool in warm weather. We may not be hitting the beach as much, but even getting into a sun-baked car can be eased by having less hair to trap that heat in. With the right product, it can be stylish and hassel-free, even in humidity.   Go Natural It’s becoming more and more popular for African American women to stop relaxing their hair, and it has turned into a large, youthful, social movement. Natural hair is beautiful hair, and aside from that its more comfortable and cost-effective. It can take months of slowly growing out, but even if you start with something a little short, natural hair still wears better in humidity and heat, and is much easier if you want to head to the beach with your friends right before the school year starts. Show off those beautiful curls, and be a natural you.   Sandaled Feet When it seems that you can go back to closed shoes, a lot of us will readily neglect our toes. But summer isn’t over yet, and you if you live in this weather, chances are you will head to the store at least once a week with flip-flops on. Don’t forget to have that routine polish done to showcase your feet! Have them pedicured with maybe a light coral or demur orange for a versatile look this time of year, they look great in the sand, and great with heels and a cocktail dress for those late night outs. Pizzazz has you covered for mani-pedis as the number one beauty salon West Palm Beach.   Skin Protection Whether your a new student at a University, or a returning professor, you want to put your best face forward. A lot of that means keeping your skin looking its best. Sunlight can accelerate the aging of skin. While a little bit of sun is always healthy since it gives you vitamin D and can help with depression, too-much even everyday exposure can be quite harmful both outside and in. Living in the Sunshine State, you need to remember to put on sunblock every day, even if its a little spf 15 on your face and lips. If you want to spruce up for an event consider getting a chemical peel or facial by a trained professional, like those at Pizzazz, to get you looking your best.   The Summer may be waning away, but keep looking your best all year long at Pizzazz, your number one beauty and hair salon West Palm Beach.