Haircut in Wellington, FL

When driving through the streets of Wellington with the breeze flowing through your hair, wow your hair! You just realized how much you need a haircut, but where is a good place to get a haircut in Wellington?  The best place for a haircut in Wellington is Pizzazz Hair Design.  Pizzazz offers the most professional service at the best price and also provides haircuts that will have your whole family looking good. Pizzazz Hair Design is conveniently located in the Wellington Mall and can provide you with the haircut you have always dreamed about.  Our hair stylists are up to date with the newest hair style trends and know all the current celebrity hair styles.  If you would like a custom haircut for yourself we can do as well, let us know what you are thinking and we will create it for you. Having started our first hair salon in 1974 we have seen every hair style imaginable and have experience cutting every type of hair.  We provide haircuts to the whole family including men, women, teens and children.  We will even provide your children with their first haircut experience, creating a special memory that will last a lifetime. When you decide to visit Pizzazz Hair Design in Wellington we guarantee customer satisfaction.  Knowing how to give a haircut is a simple thing, but knowing how to give a great haircut takes experience.  Pizzazz has many years of experience and would love to show you how experience helps when cutting hair.  We cannot wait for you to visit Pizzazz in Wellington Mall.