Hair and Beauty Salon West Palm Beach, FL

Have you ever envisioned a hairstyle that was so magnificent that it turned everyone’s head that walked by?  At Pizzazz Hair and Beauty Salon in West Palm Beach our hairstylists are able to give our customers that type of hairstyle.  We keep our employees current with all the most popular hairstyles so that we can give our customers what they want.  We also offer our customers a full service spa where they can relax and enjoy our services. At Pizzazz Hair and Beauty Salon in West Palm Beach we allow our clients to either make an appointment or walk in and get your hairstyle with the first available employee.  However, we do recommend that if you are planning on having more than a haircut, you call and schedule an appointment.   When our clients decide to come to Pizzazz they will receive a service unmatched by any other. We would also like our customers to know that when they visit our hair and beauty salon, that we also offer a full service spa.  At our spa we allow for our clients to be pampered with manicures and pedicures.  While they are enjoying this service also try our facial, this will have you leaving feeling refreshed and energized to take on the day. Remember the next time you are walking down the sidewalk and notice people turning in your direction that your hair was styled at Pizzazz Hair and Beauty Salon in West Palm Beach.  We are sure that you will receive the most magnificent hairstyle, while being pampered in our full service spa.  We cannot wait for you to come check us out at Kobosko’s Crossing in West Palm Beach.